Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bloody Peacocks!

Peacocks are pretty .... pretty damn noisy!
They also wake up at the crack of dawn which was 4:30 this morning!

We don’t have said Peacocks but our, not so close, neighbours do. Thanks to them the dogs woke up extra early this morning meaning that I woke up extra early this morning.

So after letting the dogs our for the ablutions I got back into bed and just lay there …. sleep lost on me.  This is when I decided to do something constructive rather than just lying there obsessing about the fact that I would rather be sleeping. I got up, got dressed as quietly as possible and climbed out the window.

Yes, I climbed out the window because if I opened our room door and went out the front door the dogs would have woken up again!

And I went for a run.

I know, you didn’t see that coming did you!

After running the route I sort of had in mind I was starting to enjoy it so I carried on running!

I have no idea how far I ran, probably not far at all. I was done in like 20 min but it felt good. Now the only question is: will I be able to do it again?


  1. LOL, I love it!!! good for you.

  2. LOL..love it you climbed out the window brilliant

  3. LOL I had no idea they were anything but pretty:)

  4. whoa Jo - I'm wicked impressed - good job on your run... and you had me cracking up about crawling out of the window - ha :)

  5. I never knew that about peacocks...interesting (but horrible for you, sorry)! I love it when a crazy burst of energy comes at the most unexpected times! And I'm glad that you actually did something constructive with it :)