Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last of the May long weekends

What a great weekend. The weather played along perfectly. It was hot and sunny and the sky was pure blue.

We did next to nothing all weekend long.

The kids slept over at my parents on Friday night. Meaning we could go out for dinner with friends and not worry about getting home at a reasonable hour.

My mom took this picture on Saturday morning before they woke up. Love these kids! Especially whey they are asleep

Saturday we just hung out at home, doing a bit of this and a bit of that, but mostly trying to be outside.

We were up at 7 on Sunday morning but for a change it was not for the dogs. We went antiquing.  There is a huge antique market every Sunday at the big shopping mall parking lot during the summer months.

We didn’t buy much but we may have found some chandeliers for the restaurant.

Since we had some friends with us and Isabelle had never been here before we took a drive past the Butt de Lion (where the battle of Waterloo took place.) Strangely enough they didn’t feel like walking up the 226 steps to the top of the hill. They were far more interested in having brunch in our garden.

A couple of hours later we had our regular bunch of friends over for a bbq.  It was perfect.

Himself took the kids to the movies yesterday afternoon, leaving me at home to lie out in the sun.  

My friend Kim popped over for a visit and when Himself and the kids came back he cooked dinner for us.

Honestly, we could not have asked for a better weekend.  It was tough getting going this morning. Not to mention I’m coming down with a summer cold. Ugh so not happy about that.

Anyway, hope you had as good a weekend.


  1. sounds like an amazing time i love lazy weekends of doing nothing but fun stuff

  2. Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love bbq! Haha :D Hope you kick that cold quick!

  3. Sounds like perfection to me! Kids sleeping, antiquing and bbq?

    When can I come over?!

  4. Sometimes its nice to just take your time and relax.

  5. that's about how our weekend went...nice and relaxed!!

  6. sounds perfect to me!!! love the picture of your little ones too. I have a slight problem with taking too many pictures of my sleeping kids!