Saturday, May 19, 2012

What does your hair say about you

Went to the hairdresser on Friday ..... went a little crazy and this is what I look like now:

 Needless to say I've been getting a lot of stares in the shops ... you'd swear no-one has ever dyed their hair red


  1. first i love it wish I had the balls to do that but i don't and as for my hair it says i'm lazy as it's usually in a braid or ponytail

  2. Jo, I freakin' LOVE it!!! My biggest concern would be work... I don't think that would fly in my work place, but I think it is fantastic. I love your cut, too - so flipping cute! I'm letting my hair grow now, but pictures like this make me want to chop it off. Rock it!

  3. Love it on you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I tried to dye my hair red once... at home... two days later it turned orange... and not a nice shade of orange, LOL!!!

  4. I'm with Amber! Rock it! Are your eyes seriously that blue? Gorgeous girl!