Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother / Mom / Maman / Ma / Mummy - WWTK 55

Heya, so I'm just going to pretend that  I didn't miss out on more than a weeks worth of blogging. That way we can all just pretend that I've been writing funny & entertaining entries (and I know we are going to have to pretend since funny & entertaining entries are not found here).

Anyway, it's Wednesday which means we can all link up with Crazymama & Mamarazzi for this weeks instalment of WWTK:


Mothers day is around the corner and instead of waiting for the last minute let's give our loved ones a little hint on how we want to spend it.  The first 2 questions are from Crazymama and then she has a little help from the reader/linky participant question list.

{1} What would be your ideal way to spend Mothers day?

I would love not to have to get up and 6:00 to let the dogs out.  In fact I would love to be able to sleep in while someone else sorts out the dogs.

Then at around 10:00 I would love to be woken up with breakfast in bed. Then when I got up I would love to find that the kitchen had been tidied and that no trace of said breakfast could be found.

I would then like to spend the rest of the day just hanging out with Himself & the kids. Maybe go for a drive, stopping to have lunch out on a terrase.

In short, a relaxing day with my family.

Hey a girl can dream can't she?

{2} Which would you rather receive actual gifts or gifts of service?

Gifts in service! It's one out of two days a year (my birthday being the other) on which I would like to be spoilt by my family in this way.  I love getting gifts and Himself is better at buying gifts than anyone I know. But  if they did the little things I do every day (getting up early to let the dogs out, feeding the dogs, making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen) for me I would LOVE IT!

She wants to know:

{3} How do you juggle it all? How many different 'hats' do you wear and how do you accomplish all you have to do?

To be perfectly honest, I don't.  I just do what I can and we live with what I can't.

I often read other women's blogs and is amazed by how they seem to manage it all.  Running a house hold, home schooling 3, 4 sometimes 5 kids. Have an on-line business, do loads of DIY. Then they post photo's of their picture perfect homes and blog about super healthy meals which they have made which their husband and kids loved. HOW???

We all leave our house at 7:10 in the morning. Most days we get back between 18:30 and 19:00 (some times I end up working late and only get home after 20:00).  This means that no one was home all day long yet there always is cleaning to be done.  The kids have to be in bed by 20:00 which means that wonderful healthy home cooked meals are not always  a top priority (bad mom).

I now have a cleaning lady who now comes twice a week to clean and do the ironing and I'm so glad for this.

Despite this I still don't manage to do DIY, run an on-line business, home school my kids or go to the gym.

I don't even have time to sort out the paperwork at home so I end up just moving the ever growing pile from one spot to the next. 

I'm sure that I could do it all or more at home but then I would have to spend every waking moment 'working'. I don't want to live like that. I want to spend time with Himself & the kids. I want to have fun & a social life.

Vandy wants to know:

{4} What was your 'Oh no, I'm turning into my mom' moment?

I couldn't remember where I had put an important piece of paper.  I knew that I had put it in a safe place only that safe place was so safe that even I could not find it again.

My mom used to do that all the time. I remember her & my dad arguing about it on more than one accastion and how I said to myself that I would never do that ... yeah right!

Natalie want s to know:

{5} What should you be doing right now instead of participating in today's WWTK linky?

I should be working! But lets face it I don't get to blog at home since I'm last in line when it comes to using my laptop.

Hope you're linking up today!


  1. Hahaha the stepford bloggers- I really don't think they are that perfect all the time, and if you could walk a mile etc you'd see a very different life than that portrayed on the blogs. If someone only shows the wonderful moments I never feel like I can relate because a) I know there is just no way, b) I start thinking about what they are really hiding and what is going to happen when they crack and make myself nuts. :P

    You love your family and they love you - you are doing a great job, they won't remember what wasn't done, they will remember the time you spent together. Keep up the good work.

  2. I wouldn't like having to wake up at 6am and let the dogs out either!
    Luckily if I am out of the house in the evening my other half cleans up the house. He always has so much energy and hates sitting down and doing nothing. Crazy man! Haha :)
    I love your honesty for the juggling question! I too wonder how those crazy perfect women do it. Just wait til I get a hold of one ;) hah. In reality I don't think that their lives are that perfect, all the time. They just put on a great, and flawless front.

  3. Love this post, Jo! I don't do it all either - it's not possible. I totally had a hard time deciphering what time you get home (military time?!) ha... but I figured it out.

    I'm in a similar boat, but do have some flexibility, which all ends in early July... oh how I'm scared! But I think you have to be okay with not being able to do it all - how awesome that you have a cleaning lady to help out. I would love some help in that department...

    Your idea of a relaxing Mother's Day (gifts in service) sounds about right to me, too.

    Happy to see you back around here :)

  4. I'm the same way! I'd rather have the little things done for me instead of getting gifts. those little things end up taking up so much of my day and I hate that!

    I don't care what you see on people's blogs - I'm like 99% positive NO ONE has it all together. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. :o)

  5. I have a similar schedule-- I'm out the door by 7 am, we're usually home around 6 pm, and then it's a rush of dinner, bath, and bed by 8. The house is always a mess, I never get to play with the kids, and I'm often grumpy after a day of rushing around! When does it get easier???

  6. Your day sounds great. A relaxing day without mommy responsibility ahhhh!

    My hubs doesn't do well at all in the gift dept. Once in a while he shocks me but usually nothin. He does help out with the kids a lot so I am definitely thankful for that gift!

    I am with you on the many hats. I pretty much just tread water. I wish I was that do it all mama that can make everything from scratch, have a spic & span house and have time to blog every day. Yeah right like that will ever happen. LOL

  7. yea a girl can dream and it doesn't sound like too much to ask for to me...i hope you get the day of your dreams, it sounds amazing!

    thanks for linking up!!

  8. That's why cameras are so wonderful you don't get to see the whole picture! I can make it look like my house is spotless and my kids are loved in one photo:) no one has it all together. Although some people do probably do all that. I am amazed by those that do, but I'm sure they have their days.
    I can't imagine home schooling my kids...although I'd like to!
    Great answers. I'd love your day too! :)

  9. I can so relate to this post as a working mom. There are definitely things that I have to learn to let go. Isn't the cleaning lady the best thing ever? We got one when I was pregnant with C and it's been such a huge help!!