Monday, May 14, 2012

Sleepless in Alsemberg

You know it was a good weekend if you need a weekend to recuperate from your weekend.  Good thing this is only a 3 day working week.

We had a 30th birthday part to go to on Friday night. Let’s just say we partied like it was 1999 – we walked through our front door at 6 am on Saturday morning.

Four hours later I was up sorting out the dogs (yeah I just love having dogs … I mean who would not love to get up for dogs after 4 hours of sleep!).

Then I had to fetch the kids from my mom, stop and buy a birthday present and drop Cat off at a birthday part.  After a quick late lunch Himself dropped me off at the train station so I could get to Duffel. One of my best friends and I were going to go watch Imela May.  The opening act was a local Belgian band called the Slipmates and they weren’t half bad either.

Concert rocked! She is about six months pregnant and is still amazing on stage.  Other than the show there are people watching opportunities galore! There is an entire sub-culture of Rockabilly’s and they all turn up for the concert dressed up to the max.   The hair, the dresses, the two tone shoes, you name it.

Because the concert was in Turnhout I stayed over at Noreen’s. And then she brought me home on Sunday along with the turtles. Yip, we now own 2 turtles.  We have a pond at the bottom of our garden. Since the turtles have out-grown their tank the pond will be perfect for them.

As you know it was mother’s day  and I don't cook on mother's day … so I picked up some rotisserie chicken and we had lunch outside. As long as the sun was out it was lovely but every time the clouds covered the sun you had to put your coat back on.  But we actually saw the sun so we are not going to complain.

Needless to say after a weekend of not much sleep I was ready to crash last night, which I did as soon as I put the kids to bed.  Old age is catching up with me J


  1. i haven't heard Imela May before thank you for introducing me to some great music going to go listen now

  2. 6am??! You guys are party animals! I'm always up around 4:45 - 5:30am. You wouldn't even have been home yet!!! :o)

    I hope you had a happy mother's day yesterday!!!

  3. What a fun weekend!
    Happy Mother's Day :)

  4. lol, I can't quite party like I used to but it sounds like you had quite the night!! Glad you had fun : )