Monday, May 7, 2012

Super sloths and missing togs

We had a super sloth weekend and it was BLISS!

The weather was anything but spring like (cold, wet & windy). Which is why we spent the weekend in bed/on the couch watching movies.

The kids played for hours on their own making up their own version of Star Wars and other games. With out fighting!

I had to go out to buy provisions (bread & milk and pizza) but other than that we were happy to wear nothing but our pjs. Don't worry, I showered and put some actual clothes on before going to the store.

O and our bed broke! No jokes! On Sunday morning just as we were waking up the middle strut which keeps the bed together broke.  So we are now sleeping on the floor, untill Himself has the time to go to Ikea to pick up a new bed.  Can't complain too much the bed has lasted us a good 5 years.   

Then this morning at 4:30 I got up to let the dogs out and realized that the dishwasher really needed to be packed if we (the kids) were going to have clean plates for breakfast. Two minutes later it was sorted and I was back in bed.

The only frustrating thing was that this morning we couldn't find Cat's swimming bag anywhere. It had nothing to do with our weekend but it was not the way to start the week.  Honestly, forget about the sock monster, I think we have a swimming togs thief in our house.  It's the same story twice a week.  We have one place where we keep their swimming bags but come Monday and Thursday they are lost!

And for something totally random, my dad got back from South Africa last week. So the kids were very excited to go see my parents on Friday evening. No, not cause they love their grandad that much but because it meant that he brought gifts back with him.  Only he didn't.

Well that's not true either. He did but he didn't have it with him cause his suitcase was confiscated at the airport for containing a concealed weapon.

Tiger had asked his nanna to please send him a spud gun, which she did. Said spud gun went into my dad's suitcase and then set off the alarms when it went through the x-rays.  So rather than missing his flight my dad gave up his bag and hopped on the plane without it. They were going to remove the 'gun' and send then send his suitcase over to Brussels.

I just got a message from him saying that the airline dropped his suitcase off on Saturday afternoon.

Right, I better get back to work before somebody notices that I'm blogging and not working. Hop you have a great week!


  1. Hi Jo!!! Glad you stepped away from work to blog ;) It sounds like a super fun, weekend - relaxing, playing, pizza - oh my! Our weekend wasn't relaxing, but it was fun. I think one of those lazy weekends is in order for us soon!

  2. Our weather is going to be like that all week.