Thursday, June 21, 2012

3 on Thursday - The name says it all

O my I can not tell you how much I LOVE the questions this week.  I have a slight obsession with names.  In fact, I’m busy doing research into what people name their kids and why.

I would love it if you could help me with my research. If you would like to help out could you please send me an email answering the following questions:

  1. Boy or Girl
  2. Full names (no surnames please)
  3. Did you name them after anyone? If yes, who and why
  4. If you didn’t name them after anyone why did you pick the name(s)
  5. Who picked the name(s)? Mom or Dad or both of you or someone else?
  6. The year they were born

Thank you so much!

Ok, back to the questions of this weeks: 

Names you would or absolutely would NOT name a future child.

I would have to say, at the moment if I had to have another boy I would choose from the following names:

  1. CallanIt means rock
  2. Smith – I like Smith cause it’s unusual as a first name but not something no-one has ever heard of before
  3. Eoghan (pronounced Owen)

Names that I would not pick for a boy (please note this is my own person al choice)

1. Phil
2. Bruce
3. Barry

If I had to name another girl I would choose from the following names:

  1. Keeva (Caoimbe) – No reason other than the fact that I like it
  2. Fynn – slightly different from the usual spelling Finn
  3. Quinn – No reason other than the fact that I like it

Names that I would not pick for a boy (please note this is my own person al choice)

1. Brandy – or any other drink related name
2. Gladess or Eunice or similar names
3. Paris – funny story years ago when I was expecting my husband really like the name (this was before someone made the name infamous) so glad we didn’t choose it.

I can’t wait to read all the other lists.  So please, link up!


  1. Oh, I like your name choices! All of your "no" names would be a no for me too. :-) And I LOVE the names Callan and Keeva!

  2. Your name choices are very unique - and I love them! I also agree with your not to name choices.

    It took us months and months to name our son, his middle name we named after John's grandpa (who raised John), and it was the ONLY name we could agree on! Little man was born in 2010 :)

  3. this is so fun - I wish I had participated, but of course I'm vacationing! I'll have to respond to your questions about names, too, because I'm also fascinated in why names are chosen, etc.

    I really like Quinn for a girl and Smith for a boy :)

  4. ooooh I love the names you listed. That first boy name is nice: Callan. Never heard that before but I like it. I also love Quinn.

  5. I like the names you've picked out! Although, Owen is NOT how I initially pronounced Eoghan. ;o)

    I'll send you an email for your research after I type this comment!

  6. my last 3 kids names are, John, Luke and Mark...can you tell when our conversion was?

  7. love the baby names great choices