Monday, June 25, 2012

One dry day ...

We had one dry day this weekend! Luckily it was on Saturday since my friend Noreen had planned her annual summer BBQ for that day.

The rest of the weekend we were busy with birthday parties and cleaning and just boring stuff in general.

Anyway instead of boring you with all the details here are a couple of pictures.

Al & Cat ... or the cosmic twins as they like to call themselves

The big boys

The little boys

The chef & some ladies keeping him company

The men, doing what Flemish & Irish & German men do best, drinking

The babies

The meat
Sangria mmmmh


  1. Your daughter is cute! I don't think I ever saw her picture. Sounds like a fun time especially the sangria part!! I had some on saturday too. always a yummy treat for summer. (well, in my life it doesn't have to be summer to enjoy it. lol)

  2. what a fun time everyone is having and wow look at the food yum. can i say i want to come play

  3. Cat is so adorable!! That looks like one fun party - can I come next year?! Seriously - the kids' play set up and the baby area (and the drinks!) look like so much fun!!

  4. That sounds like a lovely time! I hope you get some dry days soon, though. :)