Monday, June 18, 2012


So before I tell you about our weekend I have to tell you what happened to me on Friday.

One stop away from where I have to get off the train I open my bag to get my car key. It’s not there.  I unpack the entire bag, nothing.  I’m starting to get worried but then I decide that I probably left the key in the door.

All the way to the car I’m mumbling to myself: please let it be there, please let it be there, please let it be there …… it’s not there!

So I unpack my bag again, still not in my bag.

I have a spare key in the glove compartment. Why? Because I don’t usually drive the van the builders do but they didn’t want to loose one of the keys so they put it in the glove compartment.

I decide that I have to try and break a window.  As I’m walking around the van rattling doors and banging on windows a guy walks past. He stops and asks if he can help me.  Thanks, but unless you have a key that would open this car I don’t think so.

‘Don’t you have a spare key at home?’
‘I have a spare key but it’s in the car’.
‘Don’t you have a service that you can call to come and open the car?’
‘uh no, have you taken a look at this van, it’s got a pink toilet in it, it’s clearly used by builder boys and I’m only driving it out of sheer desperation’ (I couldn’t get the toilet out so I just left it there for the builders).

After about 10 min he realizes that he really would not be able to help, whishes me good luck and walks off.

Out of sheer frustration I bang one of the windows again and boom! it pops out of the frame.

The guy heard it and runs back, ‘what happened?’ ‘are you ok?’
‘Just perfect! The window popped so now I can get into the van’

Then he asks me ‘How?’ ‘What do you mean how’ I’m going to climb in the window and unlock the car from the inside.’

Only the window is too high and I’m too short so I have to ask him to hold the window open for me. I stand on the wheel of the car parked next to me and climb in the window.  Not the most elegant thing to do. Good thing I was wearing a pair of jeans!

et Voila! I’m in the van, unlock it and get the spare key out the glove compartment (cubby hole).  O and I managed to push the window back into it’s frame. Don’t think it’s the most secure window but hey, at least I didn’t have to break it.

Now I just have to get Himself to get a new key before I loose this key as well.


  1. LOL, omg I would have loved to see you climbing in that window!!

  2. lol..i would have loved to see that

  3. Hee hee hee... but where is the key you lost? Do you know where you could have left it? I would be having a nervous breakdown if I lost my car key, because that would mean I also lost my house key, my mail key, the office keys.... yikes!

  4. Eek!!

    Yeah, I tend to lose my stuff a lot. My purse tends to eat things.

  5. Amazing - I have bad dreams about losing my keys!

  6. It's amazing the things that happen to you! I probably would have just sat next to the van, closed my eyes, and wished that the "Key Genie" would come save me haha!