Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun in the sun - WWTK # 59

So after a well deserved break they are back! Of course you know that I'm talking about Mamarazzi & Crazymama


Mamarazzi sent the following out:

Hey everyone...We Want to Know Q&A is BACK! We are so thankful for the little bit of time off but we hope you missed WWTK enough to come back and play with us.

This week Crazymama is asking the questions and here is what she sent me:

Let's talk summer. Ours is in full swing and the temps are rising (we got up to 114 on a few days already) So this weeks questions are about keeping cool and other summer delights.

I can't wait to hear if i'm the only one living in hades and the only fat girl swimming. 

Don't you just love her? I know I do and I cannot wait to see everyone's answers and catch up with y'all. 


(1) What is the usual summer high temperature where you live?

If there is one thing I really miss about living in South Africa it’s the summers. Belgian summers are notoriously bad. Last year was a total wash and so far it looks like this summer is going the same way.  We can have the odd warm day of say 27ÂșC/80°F but it’s rare.

This is what it normally looks like ... sad hey!

(2) How do you keep cool? Do you have central air?

No need for that here. There is central heating everywhere but since it never gets warm enough there is no need for air con, unless you are at work, offices and shops have it.

(3) Do you swim? If you get in the water do you get your hair and make-up wet?

I swim and I get my hair wet …. I don’t have a lot of airs about me. A lot of the tomboy in me survived into adulthood.  If I’m at the coast it’s pointless trying to do my hair as it gets 10 times more curly than when I’m in-land and when my hair is short like now I really don’t give a toss.

(4) What is your favorite summer look? As far as outfit , shoe choice and  hairstyle? (Pics are rad or just describe it.) Do you wear less make-up in the summer?

Not much different style wise is what I wear in winter.
option 1 ->Jeans, t-shirt, and I’ll either wear it with flip flops or a nice pair of wedges.
option 2 -> Shorts, t-shirt, again either with flip flops or a nice pair of wedges.
option 3 -> Maxi-dress with flip flops or flat sandals.

Never go without my sun glasses and a light scarf or jacket … the weather here is fickle!

As far as make-up goes …. I don’t wear a lot in any case so I’ll do my face if we go out for dinner but if we are just hanging out at the pool or on the beach, no, there is no point.

(5) What is your favorite summer meal to make or eat, either way? (Score extra cool points for a recipe.)

Salads – any kind really. Some of my favorites are:
Chicken caesar salad

Kelly’s watermelon and red onion salad

for this you need:
-          a small watermelon
-          2 big red onions
-          3-4 limes
-          fresh flat parsley
-          2 blocks of feta cheese
-          some black olives
-          ground black pepper
-          olive oil

-          slice red onions into rings, put in a bowl and squeeze the lime juice over it – set aside to rest
-          cube watermelon – it’s up to you if you want to de-seed it
-          cube the feta cheese – or crumble it, it really is up to you
-          chop parsley as fine is you want
-          mix  it all together in a bowl and sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and some black pepper


Ok, that’s it from me …. link up and join the fun!


  1. I'm with you on the tomboy thing; it keeps me grounded with a lot of that stuff like hair/make-up.

  2. I have seen a similar watermelon recipe like that. love all the ingredients so I should try it.

    ok and I have to ask what are slops? flip flops?

  3. Belgium sounds a lot like Northern California in terms of temperatures and fickle weather. I loved your answers, in part because they sound like me. Save that you sound much more fashionable. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Popped over from Mamarazzi.

  4. Mmm, that salad sounds delicious and so different from anything I've tried before!

    Wow, it really never gets that warm there? Poor you! I'll soak up some of this heat for you this week and send it to you!! ;)

  5. Nice. I also swim but I don't like to get my hair wet.

  6. yum to the salad and yay i'm jeans and t-shirt kind of gal to except in summer then it's shorts

  7. Your summer looks like our fall/winter. Texas is just too dang hot! Tell me more about that noiscie (sp?) salad you mentioned in my comments.

  8. oh, love the recipe! sounds delicious!
    wow, you really don't have warm summers - not sure if i'm envious or not. as much as i dislike our canadian humidity, i do like it warm.
    having two older brothers growing up meant i was a real tomboy... probably still consider myself one to a degree... i prefer to have fun in the water than worry about what i look like! :)

  9. LOVE that you say you don't have lots of airs about you. my sister says the same thing and i just love hanging out with people who are so down to earth.

    the salad sounds YUM!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  10. you sound tons of fun and relaxed about what you wear and how you do your hair. i love it. i like to keep it casual.

    salads are delish! this one sounds yummy! thanks for sharing it!