Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We were sitting at dinner the other night when Cat asks her dad:
‘Can you arrange for Al and I to go to the Paris fashion week?’


Tiger was really cross with me for saying no to something (I can’t even remember what it was) and shouts: ‘You annoy me so much; you’re not even my mother’ 

Do you think he can question who his mother is?


Seeing beggars around Brussels is not rare. Seeing beggars with one or a couple of dogs is not rare either. But, at the North station there now is a beggar who has a pet rabbit.


The lady who we buy our wine from is moving back to South Africa … very sad about this cause she had the best wine ever. Need to find a new and reliable wine supplier.
Needless to say I put in a last big order with her.


The kids are so excited about their trip to South Africa. Cat packed their bags on Sunday night. And when I say packed I mean packed. 4 huge bags for the two of them with pillows and blankets and I have no idea what else. Cause they sure don’t have enough clothes to fill 4 bags.


It is actually warm and dry enough to have had a quick lunch outside today! Also, I think I’m becoming very Belgian … I talk about the weather all the time.


  1. ha! cracking up at the weather comments!

    omg, that is a cute comment from Tiger. The things they say. He is so handsome.

    Also, my kids do that with bags all the time. They end up with all kinds of stuff shoved in the bags.

  2. What a gorgeous photo!!! Definitely mommy's boy!

  3. Chatting about the weather - so very Belgian of you!!! ;)

    Tiger is hilarious and yeah, there's no doubt where he comes from.

    When do the kids leave for the big trip??

    Oh, the beggar with the rabbit thing is ridiculous... wow!

  4. lots of great things going on