Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Face Plant

It was one of those moments where you whish the ground would open up and swallow you.

The rain fairies have obviously not yet cottoned on to the fact that it is Summer time. Neither have the fairies that control the sunshine. We are stuck in very wet and very grey weather. 

By very wet I mean, imagine what you would look like if you stepped into the shower fully dressed for about 8 min.  That is how long it takes me to walk to my office from the train station.  

Next thing I know I’m on my knees in the lobby of my office building clutching my handbag in one hand and my coffee in the other.  

It’s bad enough when you slip and fall in front of an audience, it’s even worse if you do that in heels. Cause obviously they all think that you fell because of your heels. The fact that the tiled floor is wet has nothing to do with it.  And it’s not like nobody noticed or didn’t know who it happened to I’m the only person around here with bright pink hair (yeah it’s faded a bit).

The sign didn't stop me from falling either!


  1. oh no hope you are ok and I've fallen and it is not fun with or without an audience

  2. oh no!! I'm sorry! I have had plenty of those moments!! ha! It's been raining here too and I am sick of it!

  3. Oh my gosh that's terrible! Ugh I am such a clutz that I actually have fallen in my heels at work (SO embarrassing!) but at least you can blame it on the rain

  4. Oh no! At least you are okay though. I definitely hate falling in public.. Last time I just about wiped out was in my flip flops. It had been raining and for some reason the entrance to the college was crazy slick.