Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Take a deep breath & count to 10

Divorce? No …. Murder … o it’s crossed my mind!

Yesterday morning I get a call from Himself.  I think, o how sweet he’s calling me to say goodbye just as he is getting on the plane.


Himself:  So I forgot to extend the car rental contract. They’ve reported the car as stolen so you might get arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. Try to extend the contract or take the car back.

Me: What?

Himself: Look I’m sorry I’m about to board the plane there is nothing I can do now. Call Tom see if you can use his car for the week if you can’t extend the contract. Bye!

Me: What??   WTF??  à Right at this moment I felt like murdering him.

Ok, so to understand it better here is a bit of background. We own a van but this van is being used by the construction crew who works for Himself. We were in the process of buying a new car but the guy turned out to be a bit of a cowboy. So while we are waiting to buy a new car we have been renting a car.  

Right, back to yesterday. 

I emailed the car rental company …. no reply.  I rush home from work because I have to pick the kids up before 6 (else I have to pay a late penalty of  50c per child per minute.  

Once I have the kids we go home, I sort out homework, and dinner. Call our friend Tom to hear if I could use his car for the week.
No luck, his car is in the shop …  ‘FUDGE!!!!’

I call my friend Kim. Her husband is in Norway for the week. Meaning she is probably using his car which means that I could possibly borrow her car.

No luck, he took the car with him to the army base. FUDGE!!!!

I’m starting to get really stressed out!  Poor kids are being shouted at for asking me questions. Man I was feeling so bad about that but at the same time it was like I could not stop myself.

With nothing else to do I call the guy who drives the van.  I explain the issue with him. He agrees to meet me at the airport so I can return the rental car.  I put the kids to bed with strict instructions to go to bed, and not open the door for anyone.
(yes, I left my two kids home alone. …. not the best thing to do but I had no other choice. They needed to get to sleep and taking them along and keeping them awake was not an option). We also live in a very quiet area and have 3 big dogs in the house.

Long story short I manage to return the car. Drop Griff off at his house after working out how to get the car to him in the morning as quickly as possible.


This morning we had to leave the house at close to 7 as possible. Usually this is not a problem.  This morning it was. Tiger had jumped into water puddles and his shoes were sopping wet. Every other pair of shoes I gave him were ‘too small’.  

I finally found a shoe that was good but only one …. while turning the house upside down to find the other shoe I found a lot of things that I’ve been looking for which the kids have ‘packed away’ …. mmh going to need to do a thorough cleaning upstairs (not excited about that!).

We managed to leave the house at 7:30! Meaning that Griff got the van ½ hour late! 

And it’s raining again!, and I can’t fit into my jeans and I don’t think it is because they shrunk in the dryer! All of which is making me want to eat cake! Which means soon I will not even be able to fit into my fat jeans!

This week better start getting better !


  1. oh my goodness I would have wanted to kill him!!! LOL. poor you!!! I hope the week improves!

  2. I'm sorry, it sounds like you've had a rough go of it, but between the thought of your husband nonchalantly telling you that you might or might not get arrested and then a frantic turning the house upside down I really couldn't help but laugh at you a little bit. But only just a little I promise.