Monday, June 11, 2012

Just another normal weekend

This weekend was just another normal weekend. You know, you run around trying to do all the things you never get around to doing.  However, I finally managed to go apply for my new passport.

The commune (town council where you do all these administrative things) is only open between 9:30 and 15:00 week days. Meaning that if you work, you have to go there in the 3 hour slot they are open for on the weekend.  As you can imagine there was quite the queue.

I was a little bit worried that they might have an issue with my new photo. No matter how hard I tried to get my hair flat it just would not lie down (did you now that all of your hair had to be in the photo?).  Luckily she didn’t say anything and I can pick my new passport up in 2 weeks.

I had lots of other errands to run the kids and I rushed around town for the rest of the day, not even getting time to stop for lunch.

But I did manage to get everything done in time to watch the rugby. The Springboks (South African national team) played against England.  They have a new coach and 3 new players so I was a bit worried. I needn’t have been, we won! 22/17 … it’s not by much and it’s really sad cause we were leading 22/12 until England scored a try in the final minute. But hey, a win is a win.

Morne Steyn scoring the first try - yay!

Tiger was cheering along with me, he’s really getting into it. Asking me about rules and if this or that is legal. Cat was miserable; she did not want to be there. Luckily, there were quite a few other kids in the pub so she made friends.  By the time Himself turned up and we left to go for dinner she even wanted to know if we could come watch the rugby next weekend again. And, do I think Emma & Max will be there again.

Cat had a birthday part at 10 on Sunday morning! Madness I say!  O and it was Fathers day here so the kids gave Himself the gifts they made at school. That is about the extent to which we celebrate.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing laundry and homework with the kids. Himself left for Mexico this morning so I had to make sure his bag was packed and ready.

3 more weeks to go before the holiday … I can’t wait!


  1. sport elude me but sounds like you had a great time

  2. Sounds like you guys had a busy weekend! I would love to get my passport but don't have the time or money right now haha. I haven't ever watched Rugby, but it looks like a pretty crazy sport haha!

  3. it seriously sounds like one of our weekends around here! You run around and around the weekends just fly by. Where you headed for vacation?