Monday, June 4, 2012

Angry eyes ...

I really seem to lack authority.  Last night after letting the dogs out to do their thing Duke and Gus didn’t come back inside.  No amount of calling or whistling did the trick. 

It was raining and I was barefoot so I wasn’t keen on going outside but out of sheer desperation I put on some shoes and walked to the back.

I could hear them, at the bottom of the pond.

I put on my angry voice. ‘Duke, Gus inside now!’

Nothing.  They didn’t even stop what they were doing.

So I traipsed back inside.  ‘Please man, don’t you want to call them in?’

He walks over to our bedroom window.  ‘O they’ll never hear you, they are at the bottom of the pond’ I say.

Himself: (quick short whistle) ‘Duke, Gus, inside’ not even very loud.

Next thing, they come running into the house.

Honestly, what is it about me that make kids and dogs alike ignore me? Even my angry voice!

‘don’t forget your angry eyes’ …. I need a new angry voice


  1. LOL, same issue here! guess I don't sound angry enough : )

  2. the way for kids and pets listen to the man but not the woman

  3. You made me laugh because I'm exactly the same... oy. I think I'm stricter with our kids, but Shaun's voice gets them better every time. Such is life!