Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old age

I'm hooking up with Cole & Andrea today for:

3 on Thursday

I don't like talking about my age ... really so their question today is a sensitive subject for me.

Things I like/dislike about being .......34

Ok, the dislike is the easiest:

1. being 34 .... I really don't want to be 34 I don't feel 34 I feel 25!  Turning 30 was a huge thing for me and even now I hate admitting my age.

2. mmmmh

Wow look at that I could only think of one thing I dislike about being 34

Things I like about being 34 .....

1. I've learnt to feel less guilty for doing what I want and wanting what I want out of life. Like having bright pink hair

2. I might be 34 but I don't look it. I am mistaken for the kids older sister all the time (to their horror!)

How about you? Go on up


  1. try 39!!!!!!!!! I really don't want to be 39. wah!

  2. You definitely do not look 34 :)

  3. Oh look, I can comment!! You don't look 34 and there is nothing wrong with 34 - rock it!!! You definitely have a confidence and a poise that I do not yet have and I think those things come with age!

  4. Feeling younger than your age is such a blessing... So is looking younger than your age! :-)

  5. I'm 24 and I get mistaken for younger all the time. I hope that pays off in the long run! But really, I don't feel like I'm (almost) 25.